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LFS Online Status Indicator

Using this service you can include the online status of an LFS racer on your website.

There are currently two recommended ways.. either including a simple image or including an iframe tag.
The second should always be used if you want to include the status of more than one racer. As an alternative to the second way there exists also a javascript which can be directly embedded into other sites. but it may slow down the loading of your site.

If you have a question regarding this online status indicator or ideas for enhancing it, contact me by email: herbert.poul@gmail.com or icq: 50647169

Status Image

This is the easiest way which looks like:

It currently does not support colors and of course no link is added to the server.

To include it in your site use the following code:

<img src=/"http://goim.sphene.net/lfs/statusImage/<lfs world username>" />

Replace <lfs world username> with the name under which you registered an LFS account (and you use to log in on lfsworld.net ).
Example URL: http://goim.sphene.net/lfs/statusImage/tehkahless

IFrame status

IFrames (Inline Frames) are frames which are embedded in another HTML page. They simply load HTML code from another URL and embed it in the region defined by the iframe tag.
You can look up the definition at: http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/present/frames.html#h-16.5

Since this allows to output HTML code this status indicator supports colors and links in the form of lfs://|server|0|S2/ which automatically starts LFS and connects to this server if the appropriate programs are installed.

A very basic example:

<iframe src=/"http://goim.sphene.net/lfs/listRacers?racer=tehkahless" width="500" height="100" frameborder="0">Your browser does not support IFrames</iframe>

You can use as much racer=xxx as you like. E.g.: listRacers?racer=firstname&racer=secondname&racer=thirdname etc.
You can also change the name which is displayed for each username e.g:
listRacers?racer=Display+Name|firstusername&racer=Another+Full+Name|secondusername (ie. The name which is displayed is separated with a | from the username)

To better include it in your site you can change the textcolor and background color:
listRacers?textcolor=000000&bgcolor=FFFFFF&racer=abc&racer=def (The code is the normal hex code you would use in normal HTML code, but without the leading # .. the example will output a page with a black background (#000000) and white text (#FFFFFF)

JavaScript status

this works much like the iframe version, except that it only creates javascript document.write statements which may look more integrated into your site.

the code looks like:

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src=/"http://goim.sphene.net/lfs/listRacersJS?racer=tehkahless&racer=iceberg&racer=wierwolf"></script>

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