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From: Matthew J Hendrickse <>

Full Name of the Game: GuildWars

URL to the official game homepage:

Name of the executable on windows: Gw.exe

Start parameters needed to join a game server: N/A

Windows Registry Key: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREArenaNetGuild Wars"

Windows Registry Name: Path

String which would need to be added to the value of the provided registry key/name to get the exact match for executable: The "Path" name includes the name of the excuteable. For example on my system the value of "Path" is "E:GamesGuildWarsGw.exe"

Default Game Port: 6112

Either a game icon 16x16 or the .exe file from which the icon can be extracted (gmail will block .exe files so rename them to .abc): Please find attack a guildwars install file which has the icon. It's renamed to ""

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