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4 Bugs for the Eclipse plug-in's tray icon.
  1. Disabling "Enable Tray Icon" doesn't work.
2. Exiting the tray icon exits Eclipse instead of just closing GOIM.

3. Trying to minimize/restore GOIM in Eclipse minimizes and restores Eclipse instead.

4. This one isn't really a tray icon bug, but its an EPI bug. Int he preferences window, "Install/Update" should be under GOIM Preferences.

Comment by Herbert Poul (Kahless) at 2006-02-03 23:21:52 (Inosit2/Tracker/52/1)
  • Changed lastchangeauthor from "RadarJamer" to "Herbert Poul (Kahless)"
  • Changed priority from "Major" to "Minor"
  • Changed Fix Versions from {1.0.3, } to {1.1.0, }

Change Comment

i'm moving it to 1.1.0 .. imo eclipse integration is not the most important part of goim .. it's nice to have an IM in eclipse .. but GOIM's primary goal is to be a standalone client.... (of course keeping in mind eclipse compatibility as much as possible)

Comment by Herbert Poul (Kahless) at 2006-07-02 11:17:59 (Inosit2/Tracker/52/2)
  • Changed Fix Versions from {1.1.0, } to {1.2.0, }
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