Inosit2/Tracker/51 - Newline inserted on Enter

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When sending a message by pressing "Enter", it inserts a new line at the cursors position.

Comment by Herbert Poul (Kahless) at 2006-01-16 21:51:15 (Inosit2/Tracker/51/1)
umm.. it seams that this problem is not as trivial as i hoped it to be .. there is no way i can receive an event before the character is typed.. and i currently see no easy way to remove the last typed character.. i'll look into it deaper another time.. :(
Comment by Herbert Poul (Kahless) at 2006-01-19 22:01:21 (Inosit2/Tracker/51/2)
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ok … after looking for the SWT newsgroup, registering and setting it up in thunderbird which took about 15 mins .. i found my answer with 1 search in 5 mins… i just need to listen for the 'SWT.Verify' event and set event.doit = false :)

however.. implemented in Rev. 292

I've also uploaded the changes to the devel update server.. you can try it if you want ..

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