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Google Talk

Google talk uses a normal jabber server, the only difference is that unlike most jabber servers your jabber ID and the actual server where it is hosted is not the same.

E.g. my jabber id is hosted on .. is hosted on - but is hosted on

Setting up the account

I'm assuming you've started GOIM the first time and therefore get the first time welcome wizard. If you already have other accounts created, you can click on the Tray icon and select Start Welcome Wizard. (Or you can go into the Preferences -> GOIM Preferences -> Accounts -> Create (which has a slightly different UI .. but .. it's more or less the same))

Now the first thing to note is, that you MUST already have a gmail account. You can not register one through jabber. (As far as i know).
So you need to deactivate the Create New Jabber User Account

On the next page enter your gmail address (jabber id) and your password. Now make sure "Use SSL Connection" is activated and select "Use Custom Host".
Here you have to enter as your server. And make sure the port changed to 5223 (after selecting "Use SSL Connection").

Afterwards you can click "Next", optionally add your installed games to the list and hit "Finish".

Now you should be successfully logged into your google talk/gmail account and your roster should be displayed.

As usual, if you encounter any problems please visit our Forums, join our MUC channel ( or contact me directly: jabberid: - email:

Comment by shalky at 2007-10-18 11:28:24 (GoogleTalk/1)
se alguem quizer me add meu gmaile
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