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GOIM is searching for Developers, Doc Writers and Testers, If you are interested contact me by jabber: or email:
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2007-08-19 00:04:54 GOIM 2 - First alpha release:

I have just uploaded the first alpha "release" to sourceforge.

So you can start playing around with GOIM 2 and provide feedback. Please don't expect too much just yet :)

Head over to the GOIM 2 website: to get all relevant information.

Last Modified by Herbert Poul (Kahless) at 2007-08-19 00:05:22
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2006-10-01 01:50:37 Status / GOIM 2.0.0 Progress:

It's been a while since the last release, so i'm just giving a short status update.. Since 3 months (ie. since the release of GOIM 1.1) I'm developing on GOIM 2.0 which main feature enhancement will be native support for multiple Protocols. (Beside beeing practically rewritten from scratch) - It currently works with Jabber (still the main protocol ..) and Oscar (ICQ/AIM) - and i hope to integrate xfire before the release of GOIM 2.0 (which i want to release in november).
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2006-07-21 19:35:00 Again .. spam,spam and spam ..:

i've now also disabled anonymous postings of feature / bug reports .. because i've got dozend of useless spam posts .. so if you've found a bug or have an idea for a great new feature, please register first.. and log in .. to post a bug/feature report.. or.. just send me an email ;)
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2006-07-26 17:58:42 GOIM 1.1.0 Mac OS X Version + 100 % Clean award from Softpedia:

Ever wondered how GOIM looks on MacOSX ? .. i did.. and.. the people at softpedia made a couple of screenshots:
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2006-07-16 16:14:54 StatsTracking - aggregation:

i've just discovered that the cronjob to aggregate the statistics of the Stats Tracking was disabled.. :) .. so i enabed it again .. the graphics in the 'Stats Tracking' section are now updated again (once per hour) .. i know they aren't that great yet anyway .. but if you have any idea on what would make better statistics, let me know ..
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Gamers Own Instant Messenger

GOIM is a full featured jabber / XMPP client with special features (extensions) for gamers. (e.g. broadcasting a notification when you join a server.. and see which games others play and join them with one click on the game icon beside their name)
It uses the Eclipse Rich Client Plattform ( ) as GUI and SMACK (