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Since GOIM 1.1.0 it is possible to customize the way games are launched.

There are two ways. Either setting globally a command which will be executed before/after a game is launched, or by customizing how a specific game is launched.

In any way you can use specific 'variables' which will be replaced values. See below to section 'Variables' ;)

(Note: all commands will be executed with the working directory set to the game's directory)

Global Execution Commands

This allows you to specify a command which should be executed before the game is launched and one which will be executed as soon as the game exits.

Game Specific Commands

When you want to customize how a game is launched you can customize the whole sequence of commands.


Variables which can be used within commands are just strings encapsulated within { } and replaced by the actual value.

Altough it might depend on the game the usual variables are:

If a variable is not defined it will not be replaced.

Example: {gamepath} -connect {serverip}:{serverport}

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