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This page describes the changes between the release of GOIM 1.0.3 and GOIM 1.1.0

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Changes between 1.0.3 and 1.1.0

GOIM 1.1.0 is based upon Eclipse 3.2 (while all versions before were based on 3.1), so i would recommend a complete new download, instead of updating automatically. - BUT automatic update should work 90% the same, except that the eclipse launcher will not be updated - meaning you won't have a progress bar.. ;) )

(Not necessarily a complete list)

Customize Game Launching

See ExecuteCommands

Game Server Browser

This release includes a Game Server Browser capable from querying HLSW server lists and showing information about those servers.

New Widget for Displaying Chat History

I'm now using a StyledText widget instead of a Browser widget - much faster, safer and better.. and quite the same features ;) and most importantly .. it's cross platform .. so it works on windows, linux and macOS the same way (hopefully)

Here's a screenshot:

GOIM on linux (gtk)

The chatwindow now uses by default the same (new) widget on windows and linux .. this is how it looks like on linux:

And.. the contactlist is almost the same.. but i made a few fixes.. anhow.. so it looks on linux: ;)

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