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This page describes the changes between the release of GOIM 1.0.0 and GOIM 1.0.1

(if you are using GOIM 1.0.1 it should be automatically updated on the next start, or when you are searching for updates.)

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Changes between 1.0.0 and 1.0.1

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Changes in the Chat Window

New Icons for Bold/Underline (It's now a toolbar, instead of buttons):

And i've created a list of all emoticons available (when clicking on the Emoticon this list will pop up):

New SimpleContactList Appearance

The SimpleContactList now only has one column and so i removed the column headers.
The Game icons are simply displayed in the single column to the very right.

I've also made a border around the current Status icon/display and added a ARROW button so it looks more like a button (and the menu will now open on mouse down .. not up as before)

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