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Changes between 0.1.4 and Release 0.1.5

Various Bug Fixes / Small Enhancements

VCard support

View Information about other contacts and save basic information about yourself.

Upgrade of smack library to 2.0.0 - support for Google Talk server

Thanks to the smack library it is now possible to connect to the google talk server (they implemented TLS and SASL)

To Connect to google talk just enter your gmail address, your password and select 'Connect To Custom Host' and use port 5222

Stats Tracking

GOIM will ask on the first connect if it should add the Stats Tracking Contact ( Currently this is used to display status on the web, and log the presence history

A screenshot of the presence history on the web ( )

(The destination is always the IP of the server, except when the game is Live For Speed since the servers in LFS are identified by their name, not the IP.. (gameid: lfss2)

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