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Improvements / BugFixes in Version 0.1.4

New Preference Option for how to open new Chat windows

Chat Windows can now be set to open in a second Window tabbed together (in addition a * is added, when an new message arrived)

Emoticons in Chat Window

Emoticons are defined in an icondef.xml and need to be added by an eclipse extension. Currently there is no preference option, but it will be added shortly ..


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GOIMscr14_newChatGUI_tabbed.png (17700 Bytes, 303 times downloaded) Herbert Poul (Kahless) 2005-08-16 13:58:31 ChatBrowserGUI in tabbed mode
GOIMscr13_newChatGUI_emoticons.png (26702 Bytes, 324 times downloaded) Herbert Poul (Kahless) 2005-08-16 13:56:55 Browser Chat GUI with emoticons